Keep Mold Out of Your Home

KellyIt has only been a few weeks since the Gulf Coast experienced torrential downpours and flooding rains, but even after a few months of clean up, there is still work that can be done around your Destin rental home. This time, we are not talking about lawn maintenance, but something a little more serious. That is right: mold.

Mold could start to grow anywhere in your home, really at any given point in time. Carpets, clothes, food and of course those places that you cannot see are all susceptible. Not only can this be costly and difficult to fix, but it can also produce a variety of allergens and irritants.

Not to fear, there are some relatively simple ways that will help prevent the growth of mold in your home and they all revolve around moisture control.

While you cannot exactly mold-proof your home, you can make it a little more mold-resistant. So first things first, look for the problem areas. Make sure that wet areas are dried immediately. Mold cannot grow without moisture so it is important to tackle those areas right away. Proper ventilation in high-moisture areas will go a long way in mold prevention.

For more specific details outlining theĀ causes of mold in a home or the different solutions, contact one of our Gulf Coast property managers today.

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