Quick Tips: Kitchen Upgrades for Renters

Whether you’re a home buyer or long-term renter there is one thing all of us have in common – the desire for an amazing kitchen. Even I, who is a self-proclaimed terrible chef, love to have a warm and inviting kitchen.

The Kitchen is┬áthe space where everyone gathers within a home. So, how can you upgrade yours in a renter-friendly fashion? There are several things you can do to add a little personality, fun and “you” to your cooking space including bringing in furniture you love, such as a breakfast set or island if you have the space. Hate your flourscent bulbs? Change the lighting by adding lamps or even switching out bulbs to a better wattage. The simplest switch you can make is by adding textiles to your kitchen that reflect you. Choose fun towels, window coverings or even add a rug!

Are you feeling super adventurous within your Northwest Florida rental home? Try adding a metal backsplash! It’s temporary and you can have fun witb magnets, textures and so much more. Feeling inspired? Search for your next Gulf Coast rental home kitchen to update today!


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