Kitchen Remodels for Profit

If there is one home feature sure to get potential tenants through the door of your Northwest Florida rental property it is the promise of an updated kitchen. If you’re considering a kitchen update, follow our tips to make sure you get the proper bang for your buck!

The first thing you need to decide is what kind of makeover will have the biggest impact on your home, both for showings, as well as value. If you already have newer appliances and great flow through the room, you may just need to give your kitchen a cosmetic makeover. Perhaps new floors, cabinets, and counters, or all of the above. If the entire room has become dated, you may need to take on a functional makeover, which includes cosmeticsĀ as well as new appliances and fixtures in order to really impress renters and increase your monthly rental fees.

As with any improvements to your rental home, make sure the ends justify the means. If it will not increase your ability to rent the property, or the actual rent you can expect from the home, it may not be worth your time or money. For cost analysis help when making improvements to your rental, contact our property management team today.

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