Know Your Tenants’ Rights

As a property owner, you have plenty of rights. But, as a landlord, you are responsible for knowing and abiding by the rights of your tenant, as well. Do you know their rights?

There are many rights that your rental in Northwest Florida will need to adhere to before you accept a tenant, but here are a few big items to look out for. First, be sure you are prviding a healthy environment that is free of potential illness-inducing factors, such as mold. Broken winds, faulty electrical, and bad plumbing are also all aspects of a home that should be repaired or, at the very least, disclosed when renting. Locks and smoke dectectors are also items that should be included with your rental. Be sure to change locks between tenants, as well.

Other items to look out for including having a written lease that you don’t change arbitrarily. Once the original contract has been signed, stick with it. Also, know the deposit collection process, as well as eviction procedures. For additional questions or concerns regarding tenant rights, contact our Florida property management team.

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