Lawn Maintenance and Your Tenant

It may only be February but spring will have sprung before we know it. The days are, thankfully, already feeling longer and warmer. With that comes one dreaded task, however – yard work.

Tenants who are lazy about lawn maintenance is a pretty common thing. While you may think your tenant simply doesn’t care about your Northwest Florida income property, they may actually just not know how to care for it.

If you are not providing lawn service included in the rent and want to ensure your curb appeal is maintained without driving by every day, consider supplying your renter with maintenance tips. These can be as simple as recommending the height of the mower blade, and reminding them to wear close-toed shoes.

Would you really prefer that someone else conduct the random inspections, provide the tips and hand out consequences if terms are not met? Consider hiring Southern as your property management team on the Gulf Coast and let us take care of it!

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