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The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly on Evictions ~ Southern Residential Leasing

No landlord truly enjoys evictions. They’re not fun and can damage the relationship between a property owner and a tenant. Although they can become inevitable with some tenants, most landlords will work hard to avoid the process of evictions altogether. Read below for four reasons property managers hate evictions.

Evictions Are Costly

First and foremost, an eviction means the tenant has stopped paying rent. Between court fees, attorney fees, writ fees, etc., everything adds up. Costs become extremely expensive for you, the property owner. Landlords like tenants who pay their rent on time, so make sure you’re one of these!

Evictions Are Time Consuming

While an eviction¬†simply sounds like letting a tenant know they’re being removed from their home, it’s much more than that. The process includes gathering records, filing papers, and even talking to an attorney. You’ll also need to remove the tenant, change the locks, and put the property back on the market. Not to mention multiple court appearances, making evictions much more of a hassle than necessary.

Evictions Are Stressful

The bottom line up front is that evictions are stressful for everyone involved. You and the tenant are most likely clashing, making the situation incredibly confrontational. If you don’t like confrontation, this can make evicting a tenant much worse. Stress causes you to lose focus and can even cause health concerns.

Evictions Mean You Messed Up

This is a tough pill for some property owners to swallow. You second-guess whether or not you screened this person thoroughly enough. Or, did you let your standards fall in order to fill a vacant unit? Ask yourself what you could have done differently in order to prevent this from happening again.

Fortunately,¬†evictions are something we see very little of at Southern. We’re proud to boast a 97% average occupancy rate with a 98% rent collection rate. Because we work hard to build positive relationships with our tenants, our eviction rate is below-average.

As an added bonus, you benefit from our in-house legal counsel. Licensed in both Florida and Alabama, our full-time attorney assists with lease executions, evictions, security deposit disputes, and more.

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