Move-Out Instructions

We want to THANK YOU for renting with Southern Residential Leasing. In order to accomplish a smooth transition and ensure the maximum refund of your security deposit, please read through the following items to better understand the procedures to vacate.

You are expected to complete your move-out then return the property’s keys to our office by 10:00 a.m. on your scheduled vacate date to avoid additional fees or rent charges.

MILITARY: If you are terminating the lease due to orders, you must provide a copy of the orders OR a letter from your commanding officer to begin the 30 day notice period.

KEYS/REMOTES/SPECIAL ACCESS DEVICES: All keys, remotes, and fobs must be properly tagged with the unit/premise address when you surrender the premises. These items should be placed in an envelope that is clearly labeled with your name and the premises address. All keys/remotes/special access devices and possession of the premises must be returned to our office by 10:00 a.m. on your scheduled vacate date to avoid additional fees or rent charges.

UTILITIES: All utilities must be left on for five business days after you vacate.

FORWARDING ADDRESS REQUIRED: You should provide a forwarding address through your tenant portal or provide one when you turn in keys in order to receive your deposit refund and/or notice of claims against your deposit.

INSPECTION: The premises will be inspected within 72 hours of surrender. Per your lease agreement, you may be charged a move out inspection fee.

ROOMMATES: The security deposit settlement statement and refund will only be sent to the primary roommate/tenant.

SECURITY DEPOSIT CLAIMS AND/OR REFUND: Per Florida Statutes, your deposit refund or claims against your deposit must be sent out by certified mail to your last known address within 30 days of surrendering the premises. Per Alabama Statutes, you deposit refund or claims against your deposit will be sent to your last known address within 60 days of your surrender of the premises. Please provide a valid forwarding address.

PETS: If you had a pet, a professional flea spray is required and a receipt is to be turned in with your keys. Per the lease, we reserve the right to have additional flea treatment performed if fleas are found in the premises during the inspection. Per your lease, the cost of additional flea treatment/spraying will be deducted from your deposit.

WALLS: All walls should be clean and free of holes and/or damage. Any repairs or painting required will be deducted from the security deposit.
If you lease a condo unit, it is imperative that you schedule your move out date with the HOA. Please contact your property manager for the HOA contact information if you do not have it already.

CLEANING: Please use the cleaning requirements below as a checklist for cleaning the premises. Please note, all carpet must be professionally cleaned and a copy of the receipt must be turned in when you surrender the premises. We are happy to provide a list of professional cleaners; simply call or email your property manager.


The following items will be inspected upon move-out. Inspections are not performed with tenant. Please be sure that all items have been addressed and are in order in your rental property.

• CABINETS: Wash out each shelf, wash down cabinet doors inside and out. (If furnished, be sure each dish, pan or bowl has been washed.)
• STOVE: Take tops, burners, rings and knobs off; wash or scrub. Clean under stove burners. Replace drip pans with new.
• OVEN: Clean oven racks; clean the entire oven inside and out; also the door, drawer under the oven, and under the drawer. Clean exhaust vent on stove and on stove and light cover. Do not use over cleaners in self-cleaning overs, and do not leave racks in the oven during self-cleaning (they will burn and you will have to pay for replacement racks).
• UTENSILS: Clean all and use scratch pad and cleaner if rusted. (Furnished units)
• DRAWERS: Pull all contents out of drawers making sure all utensils are cleaned and the drawer is wiped crumb free before putting items back; organize. Clean any drawer runners.
• POTS AND PANS: Scrub inside and outside, including the bottoms and lids. (Furnished Units) SMALL APPLIANCES- Clean can opener, coffeemaker, blender and toaster. (Furnished units)
• COUNTER TOPS: Use an all-purpose cleaner on the entire counter. For stains: use cleaner with a white scratch pad or try Magic Erasers. Clean back-splash and top ledge of back-splash.
• REFRIGERATOR/FREEZER: Take all of the parts off and wash each item (shelves/drawers/side compartments). Wash down the fridge, and then put it back together. Wipe down rubber seals, vent at bottom, top of fridge, drip pan, dust and clean back of fridge. If the refrigerator has a water filter and the replace filter light is on, replace water filter. Failure to do so will result in a charge for a replacement filter.
• MICROWAVE: Wipe inside, on top, front and sides. Wipe vent filters and grills. If on counter, move and clean underneath. If attached to cabinets, clean bottom directly above stove and wash or replace filter.
• TRASH CANS: Wash each can inside and out thoroughly. Deodorize and replace trash liner.
• LIGHT FIXTURES: Wash all, inside and out.
• SINKS: Clean out sinks, disposal and splashguard (black rubber stopper between sink and disposal unit.) All woodwork, doors, ledges, switches. Spot clean walls.
• FLOORS: All vinyl and tile floors should be scrubbed with a scrub brush and an all-purpose cleaner; they need special attention. Clean all baseboards.

• TABLE: Clean top, legs, underside; move and vacuum/scrub underneath. Clean streaks in glass. (Furnished units)
• CHAIRS: Clean and polish. (Furnished units)
• CEILING FANS & LIGHT FIXTURES: Clean blades and light fixture globes/covers inside and out.
• MIRRORS & generic cialis cheap PICTURES: Clean all mirrors and pictures, wall behind pictures, top edge and back edge of all pictures.
• WALLS: Clean all walls surrounding area to make sure free of spots/drips (spot clean).
• FLOORS:  All vinyl and tile floors should be scrubbed with a scrub brush and an all-purpose cleaner- they need special attention. Clean baseboards.

• Move all furniture; clean under and around. (Furnished units)
• COUCH: Remove all cushions; clean sides and underneath. (Furnished units)
• SOFA BED: Wipe down sofa bed frame; put on clean mattress pad. (Furnished units)
• FURNITURE/ELECTRONICS: Clean top, sides and bottom of TV armoire/furniture. Dust underneath electronics. Wipe down the back, top, front and sides. Clean and polish all tabletops, sides and legs. (Furnished units)
• MIRRORS & PICTURES: Clean all mirrors and pictures, wall behind pictures, top edge and back edge of all pictures.
• WINDOWS: Clean sliding glass doors, door tracks and any windows.
• DUST: Clean lamp bases and shades (Furnished units) and check bulbs to make sure that all are working. Dust all ceiling fans. (All units)
• WINDOW TREATMENTS: Dust drapes/blinds (including tops).
• FLOORS: Clean all baseboards and corners; vacuum edges of carpet. If tile, scrub tile and grout and mop especially in corners and under furniture. Clean under all rugs. All rugs and mats must be washed.

• TUB: Wash/polish all tile in tub area, wash soap dish, clean grout/caulking. Wash tub and polish chrome fixtures; wash shower liner rod. Remove shower curtain and liner and wash them if they are remaining in unit.
• GLASS SHOWER DOORS: Use cleaner with scratch pad to remove all soap scum on door, chrome work, tracks and top.
• MIRRORS & PICTURES: Clean all mirrors and pictures, wall behind pictures, top edge and back edge of all pictures.
• TOILETS: Clean toilet bowl and base, inside and out.
• POLISH: Clean and polish towel bars and toilet paper holders.
• SINKS: Clean and polish sinks and fixtures.
• CABINETS: Clean all cabinets/drawers inside, tops, walls, shelves and bottom.
• TRASH CANS: Wash each can inside and out thoroughly. Deodorize and replace trash liner. CEILING-Wash and polish all light fixtures. Clean and check bulbs. Clean all vents.
• WALLS: Clean all woodwork, doors, ledges and switches. Wipe off spots/drips on walls (spot clean). Wipe down switch plates.
• FLOORS: Scrub floors, especially in corners, around tub and toilet. Clean all baseboards.

• Strip bed, vacuum mattress, turn mattress (if possible), clean bed frame, vacuum under bed and put on a clean mattress pad. (Furnished units)
• Replace all pillow protectors with clean ones. (Furnished units) Clean headboard. (Furnished units)
• Clean all baseboards, including behind beds.
• Clean all pictures and mirrors on top, front, sides, and behind. Move all furniture and vacuum behind. (Furnished units)
• Clean inside all drawers, tops and sides of dressers, armoires, nightstands, etc. (Furnished units)
• Clean sliding glass doors, door tracks and any windows.
• Clean lamps, bases, shades (in Furnished units) and replace any missing or burnt out light bulbs (All units).
• Replace furniture and vacuum ALL floors after carpet cleaning is completed. Vacuum closets, clean shelves and walls for spots/drips.
• Remove all hangers.
• Clean all spots off of walls (if possible), if the paint is flat paint take extra precaution when wiping spots of walls. Clean doors, framework, ledges and light switches. Clean vents. Clean all ceiling fans.
• All comforters, shams, and blankets must be washed, folded and placed on beds. If tag on linens requires professional dry cleaning, a receipt must be attached to those linens showing that the dry cleaning has been done. (Furnished units)

• WASHER/DRYER: Clean the top, side, front, and inside edge. Clean out the lint tray/filter. Sweep and wipe down the areas between and behind washer and dryer.
• VACUUM: Check and clean vacuum cleaner. Bags-check to see if it needs to be replaced. Bag-less-empty canister and wash out filters. Let it all dry before putting back together. (Furnished units)
• CABINETS: Wipe down all cabinets, shelves, drawers inside and out. Organize any household items, tools, and supplies in laundry room (if furnished unit).
• CEILING/WALLS: Clean light fixtures. Wipe walls especially for lint by dryer.
• A/C CLOSET: Clean shelf, water heater and drip pan. Wipe down A/C vent. Replace A/C filter with new filter upon move out.
• FLOORS: Scrub floors, especially in corners and around appliances.

• WALLS: Sweep patio door screen. Clean area around doors of all dirt and webs; clean the outside lights inside and out. Remove cobwebs from rafters and corners.
• TABLES: Wash all patio furniture, thoroughly. Clean all tabletops. (Furnished units)
• FLOORS: Vacuum or sweep patio floor. Mop especially around table/chairs.

• WALLS: Clean all walls and a/c vents. Wipe down all light fixtures. Clean pictures or anything on walls.
• DOOR: Clean around door and under mat outside of door. Wash down front door and any windows.
• CLOSETS: Clean inside closet. Wipe down shelves. Remove all hangers.
• FLOORS: Scrub floors, especially in corners and around door. All rugs/mats must be washed if left in unit.

• Mow grass, trim hedges, edge walkways, weed eat around buildings and leave sprinkler system on and set for watering as required per the time of year. Empty and wash all garbage cans left on Premises. Clean rain gutters (if applicable).

• Sweep and hose out garage and driveway. Remove all debris from both garage and concrete areas of the driveway. Replace light bulbs (Including flood lights) in garage and outside house if needed.

• Remove spider webs and debris from the exterior of the doorways going into the property. If needed, use a water hose to wash down dirt and debris. All gutters should be cleared of debris.
We hope that you enjoyed leasing through Southern Residential Leasing! Any questions please contact your Property Manager.