Gulf Shores Long Term Rentals

Gulf Shores

Small town. Big beach. There’s no better way to describe Gulf Shores. This great little beach town sits just west of Orange Beach and is an absolutely wonderful place to call home sweet home. We’re not the only ones to think that. It was ranked as Alabama’s fourth best overall town by

Great schools, incredible food and the some of the best views around. It doesn’t get better than Gulf Shores. Find out how big, this small town actually is. Here’s a little background for you though. Before the completion of the Intracoastal Waterway in 1937, this quiet little beach town was a well-kept secret. Fort Morgan played a large part in making the area (and the great state of Alabama) what it is today. Now, in addition to being home to one of the best known battle grounds in the Civil War, this area is bustling with activity. New developments are all along the coastline. Vacationers from across the Southeast are flocking to beach. There’s no doubt about it, Gulf Shores is an investor’s playground and a renter’s dream.

Whether you’re looking for a condo on the beach, or a home for rent on the bayou, you can find it here! Start searching for your perfect long term rental in Gulf Shores today!