Our Realtor Referral Program!

If you’re a real estate agent on the Gulf Coast, especially one who works with investors, then odds are you probably get asked about property management companies in town. Well, send them to Southern and we’ll pay you a referral fee!

With over 40 years in the rental housing market and property management field, you can feel confident in sending your best clients to Southern Residential Leasing. We offer a comprehensive program that includes marketing and tenant procurement, applicant screening, home inspections and even property maintenance. We are even backed by a legal cialis for sale in toronto team, should your client face an issue or have a difficult renter. Did we mention we’ll also handle all the finances?

Send your best clients to us. Not only will we pay you 10% of a month’s commission once their rental is occupied but, should the owner decide they want to sell, we’ll refer them back to you. Call us today to learn more about our program!

*All checks made payable to broker. Restrictions may apply. Amounts may vary with multiple referrals and multiple housing units.

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