Prepare Your Property for Fall

Summer isn’t over quite yet but now is the perfect time to start prepping your yard for fall. With a few tips, you, or your tenant, can enjoy doing a lot less mowing and weeding as the weather cools and ensure the lawn comes back better than ever next spring.

If you are renting out an income property with a yard, we know you are probably sick and tired of the maintenance or of reminding your tenant to get out the mower. Not only have the frequent rains kept the grass quite healthy, it’s also made keeping it in check quite a hassle! The cooler temps of the fall have the grass slowing down, but not stopping. instruct your tenant to continue to mow once a week until the grass stops growing. Be sure they manage the mower’s height in relation to the slower growing grass, as well. This is also a great time to fertilize the lawn in order to sustain great looking grass and the health of the lawn through the colder temps.

Cooler temps also mean less rain so be generous with the water hose in the mornings and evenings, if possible. With these simple temps, your Gulf Coast rental property’s grass should look great through the fall and reappear green and healthy come spring!

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