Preparing Your Home for Renters

So, for one reason or another, you’ve decided to rent your home as an investment property. You may think all you need to do is pack up, move out and find yourself a tenant, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

If you want to rent your home, you will need to do a little prep work, both to attract a renter and to keep your property in good condition. First, move your stuff out and assess the home. Remove anything you do not want lost, stolen or damaged. Take care of any major repairs needed, such as the roof or plumbing, and then tackle the cosmetic details. Make sure your home is in top condition and just the way you hope your renters leave it at move out. After all, that will be a condition of their lease.

Next, decide how you will attract a tenant and manage the rental property. We will be happy to tackle one or both of those tasks for you. If you decide to go it alone, however, make sure you have a great real estate attorney on your side. For more, contact our property management team today.

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