Property Manager vs. Landlord

Owning an income property is a big deal. Not only is it a financial responsibility, but, when you rent your Northwest Florida home, you are responsible for someone’s home. And, being a landlord is tricky business.

When you are a landlord you are responsible for the same things we are as property managers. You need to establish a rent value,¬†advertise for a tenant, screen them, and¬†get them moved in. Then the real fun begins; late night calls, maintenance, rent collection and more. The difference between a landlord and property manager? Consistent practices, a knowledge base and resources to back you up. We know all the pertinent laws to keep your income property, and you, out of hot water. Years of experience and tried methods mean we know exactly how much rent to charge, not to mention how to execute and document inspections. And, should you be faced with an eviction, Southern’s property mangers even come with legal resources.

Having a property manager on your side can make life as a landlord and investor so much easier. It will allow you to enjoy the fruits of your investment, while we handle the headaches. Call our long-term rental team today to learn more!

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