Remodeling Your Rental

Remodeling an out of date rental home can put serious dough in your pocket, especially if you tackle big money areas, such as the kitchen or master bath. If not done correctly, however, remodels can also cause major headaches.

First, make sure you are remodeling to code. If not, it could cause problems for you down the road, either when the home is repaired or at time of inspection when selling. Also, remember that delays and glitches are inevitable. Build an emergency fund into your budget, if possible. Also, be aware of major of what is behind your walls, such as pipes or electrical. Cutting through these will definitely require dipping into your emergency fund!

Speaking of walls, know which ones are load bearing. And open-concept living space is all the rage but, in some homes, may not be possible without the expense of a header being installed. For more tips to attract renters, contact our long-term property management team.

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