Rentals in Niceville!

Yes, the Gulf Coast is such a lovely play to live that we even have a community known as Niceville! If you’re looking for a single family home for rent in a great community and plenty of space, this little town might be just right for you.

There are a few great reasons to rent a home in Niceville, Florida. Located off the beaches, this town has quite a different feel to it than, say, Destin. This area is a quieter community and one often chosen by military families as it is near Eglin AFB as well as Duke. Close-knit, with only one grocery store until the recent opening of Wal-mart, this quaint town perserves a family atmosphere but is also never far from fun. Thanks to the addition of the Mid-Bay Bridge, you will never be more than a bridge ride away from the shopping, dining and attractions of Destin, Florida. If Niceville sounds like a ‘nice’ place to live, call our Northwest Florida property management team today and let us start looking for your newest rental home today!

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