Renter Rights in Florida

Our property management teams in Northwest Florida take care to abide by the laws and strive to keep you informed of any changes that may affect you, our owners, but it’s important that you know the Florida tenant rights, too.

Florida’s landlord/tenant law thoroughly protects the renter, as well as you, the landlord ( also, us, your property management company). It’s designed to keep the rental process fair for both parties so it is important that all parties involved in the lease of the property be in the know. A few things that are covered include an outline of each parties obligations, such as rent payments and termination of the lease, as well as a military service service clause and even deposit requirements.

Check out the Florida landlord/tenant rights to see your rights for yourself. You’ll also find great tips on what to do before you rent the property, get the signed lease and allow move in. And, as always, if you have question, feel free to contact us at Southern Residential Leasing.

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