Saving Freeze Damaged Lawns

We have endured some wicked weather this week, but good news, are regularly scheduled temperatures of mid-50’s and 60’s will be returning to the Gulf Coast this week. That means it’s time to get outside and check the damage to your Northwest Florida rental home.

If your actual home had experienced any damages, such as frozen or cracked pipes, odds are you would know about it by now. If you took proper precautions against the hard freeze, your income property should be just fine. What really suffered is, without a doubt, the lawn! Our Florida plants and trees are made of tough stuff, but weather of this nature is rare. Covered shrubs and plants should be okay, but some may have suffered burns. It feels like you should cut that dead stuff away, right? Hold those pruning sheers! Trimming your plants now won’t save them. In fact, should we suffer another freeze this winter, your plant will need those parts to protect it. Instead, water those plants and add a boost of liquid fertilizer.

If you have a tree that has been cracked due to frost, go ahead and pull away that dead bark. Smooth the edges carefully with a sharp knife. This will allow the tree to form a callous on it’s own. For more great income property tips, join our property management program in Northwest Florida!

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