Securing your Security Deposit

moneyWhether you are moving into your new Destin beach house or out, one of the most common thoughts that come to mind is your security deposit. When you pay roughly a month’s rent or more upfront, there is no doubt that you are already starting to think of ways to ensure you get that money back.

Asking whether or not you want to get your security deposit back, is probably a silly question. A better one might be how do you get your security deposit back?

Simply put, the process of ensuring your money is returned when you move out, starts from the moment you move into your Northwest Florida rental home. When you first move-in, walk through the unit and take pictures of every nook and cranny. Consider emailing the files to your landlord so that you both have time-stamped documentation of the property.

Have you asked for the master paint color? This is a good thing to keep in mind when you start to turn the rental into a home with wall décor. You definitely do not want to deal with patching and spackling the holes your wall mounted TV left at the last minute. Another thing to keep in mind is cleaning regularly throughout your time there. When it comes to carpets, even the smallest bit of prevention, like vacuuming weekly, can save several hundred dollars in a cure.

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