South Walton Farmers’ Markets


Living in South Walton provides you with many things to do and events to enjoy, especially is you have chosen a Scenic 30A home rental. One of our favorite past times is to get up on the weekend and peruse the local farmers’ markets.

You will find many farmers’ markets in South Walton to enjoy, no matter if you live on the west end of rent a home in Santa Rosa Beach. The most popular and well-known market is located in Seaside at the amphitheater. Each Saturday you will find fruits, veggies, local dairy and much more to take home.

Other farmers’ markets on 30A to explore include the Rosemary Beach market, as well as those in Gulf Place and Watercolor, all taking place on Sunday. And, if you don’t live along 30A, you will find the Grand Boulevard market open every Saturday morning.

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