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Southern Rentals and Real Estate aims to be the most caring rental company along the Gulf Coast. Every year tons of guests staying in short-term rentals and tenants living in long-term rentals flock to the beaches to enjoy the beauty, serenity, and excitement that comes from the beach. As a thank you to the areas that give to us throughout the year, we fundraise and dedicate our time to organizations that impact the ecosystems and people around us. We do this through our Southern Cares Program and also a Voluntourism Initiative. To learn more about both strategies and how you can be a part of the cause, continue reading!

Southern Cares Program

Southern Cares

The people we serve, including tenants, have the option to give back to three organizations thoughtfully chosen by Southern’s team. These organizations donate to families with members that suffer from terminal illnesses. You can give back to the Alzheimer’s Association, Ronald McDonald House, and Volunteers in Action.

Voluntourism Initiative

To help provide ideas on where our team and our tenants can dedicate their time, we created a Voluntourism Initiative. There are multiple organizations along the Gulf Coast that take in volunteers for a variety of tasks. For example, you could walk dogs at Alaqua Animal Refuge or become a Friend of Helen Park and participate in a cleanup day to keep the area beautiful. No matter what interests you, there is something for everyone!

Our Southern Care Program is meant to showcase our support for families in need and our surrounding areas. We hope you will feel inspired to take the time to give back to a cause you believe in!

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