Keep Cool! ~ Maintenance Tips from Southern Residential Leasing

Keep Cool! ~ Maintenance Tips from Southern Residential Leasing

Don’t forget to Keep Cool! ~ Maintenance Tips from Southern Residential Leasing! After a wicked winter, it is probably safe to say that residents have welcomed the heat and humidity of summer with open arms. After all, who really cares about heat when there is crystal clear water to jump into and sugar white sand to relax in? Well all is true, let us not deny the impact that our air conditioners have on this laid back lifestyle.

With temperatures near the mid 90’s it would be a little unbearable to relax in your Destin long-term rental with out air conditioning. While systems do occasionally fail, there are preventative measures both owners and tenants ought to take to remain cool all summer long.

First, remember to change the filters out monthly. Clogged filters block normal air flow and reduce a system’s efficiency so it is important not to neglect this task. What is another small action now that can save time, stress and money later? The use of bleach to keep the drain line clear. Note that bleach does have the potential to kill what it is poured on, so remember to take extra precautionary measures.

A little preventative action now, could save you some money on an energy bill later. For more property management tips, contact a manager at Southern Residential Leasing today.

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