Stylize Your Rental

Stylize Your Rental

Stylize Your RentalRenting a home doesn’t mean you have to trade in your style! Renters often feel as though their new home is a temporary setting. This can lead to unpacked boxes and leaving prized items like beautiful, family heirloom china sets wrapped up.

Another challenge with rental decor is that the items you had in a previous home may not be the right size or have the right look for your new home.

Moving into a new rental is the perfect opportunity to take an inventory of your current decorations and style, and to up-level your décor.  Home fashion changes like clothing fashion. Think: avocado green appliances and rust orange carpet. Now breathe a sigh of relief that your grandmother’s stylish 70’s home is no longer the norm.

Certain elements of home décor also change with the seasons. You can easily swap out your fall doormat with a holiday design.

Use renting as an opportunity to try different styles and find the one that fits your tastes. Explore your local overstock merchandiser, craft stores, or farmer’s markets and pick out a few pieces to spruce up your living space.

If budget is a concern, pick one or two rooms in your home and start there. Make your bedroom your sanctuary or deck out the kitchen or office space if you work from home.

Start by picking out a few items and bring them home to see how they work with your current items. Progressively add more as time and money allows. Choosing things that have a neutral color pattern will allow you to easily transition them to a new home if you move again in the future. Don’t forget to add in a few “statement” pieces! If you keep these inexpensive, such as a few throw pillows, you can easily trade them out when you need to.

Allow your time in a rental home to expand your horizons.  Investigate creative ways to make your space relaxing and cozy.

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