Summer HVAC Maintenance

Summer HVAC Maintenance ~ Southern Residential Leasing

Summer is not officially here yet, but it sure does feel like it outside. Did you know your HVAC system requires monthly maintenance? Regular maintenance ensures your HVAC system is working perfectly, especially as we get into the hotter months. Fortunately, summer HVAC maintenance is quick and only requires a few simple steps. This is also something that is required by Southern Residential Leasing tenants. If you have any questions about keeping your HVAC system in top condition, please contact your property manager through the tenant portal!

Here are some tips on keeping your HVAC running smoothly:

Summer HVAC Maintenance

  • Find your outside drain line and ensure it isn’t blocked by debris or other obstructions
  • Locate the bleach port inside your HVAC system. Turn off your air conditioning using the thermostat
  • Pour 1/2 – 3/4 cup of bleach into the port, followed by 2 cups of warm water. Use a funnel to prevent the drain line from backing up and causing an overflow leak. Then, turn the system back on.

We know it’s hot, but be sure not to set your thermostat below 70 degrees in the summer! Your air conditioning will only cool 20-22 degrees below the outside temperature.

If your HVAC is not working:

  • First, check the thermostat. If you have a digital thermostat and don’t see a reading on the display, it may require something as simple as changing out the batteries.
  • Second, listen for any water dripping. If you hear anything, turn off the HVAC unit immediately and do what you can to clean up any damage to the property. This may include using a wet vacuum to remove water or towels to soak up excess water.
  • If your HVAC system freezes up, turn it off and let it defrost completely.

If you do find any issues with your HVAC unit, please submit a service request as soon as possible in your Tenant Portal! No one likes when their air conditioning stops working, and although this is not considered an emergency request, we will strive to have the air conditioning repaired and working as quickly as possible. However, leaks are considered an emergency. In the event something is leaking, please report it to the emergency line at 866.389.0832 with your address and county of residence.

With these few simple tips, your summer HVAC maintenance should be quick and easy!

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