Summer Scrub-Down ~ The Southern Circular’s Featured Tip

Summer Scrub-Down ~ The Southern Circular’s Featured Tip

Summer is here, and it sure is heating up! We’re sure you’ll be eager to spend lots of time at the beach or splashing around in the pool. However, inside is where the air conditioning is, so if you’re spending your summer indoors, that’s okay too! This month, we’re bringing you tips on how to fall in love with your space all over again with a summer scrub-down. Just because the time for spring cleaning has passed doesn’t mean it goes by the wayside! These tips can be done daily to keep your space spick and span and smelling lemon fresh!

Summer Scrub-Down

The Living Room

Oftentimes this is the first room you (and your guests!) see when you enter your home. Keep it tidy by clearing the clutter. For example, always clear the coffee table of your books, laptop, plates – anything that doesn’t belong needs to go! Once the coffee table is clear, give it a good wipe-down so it sparkles like new. Spot cleaning mug rings and the occasional spill will make your space feel fresh again.

After you’ve decluttered that area, give the area a good sweep and vacuum to get the dust and dirt up. If you’re in a pet-friendly rental home or apartment, this can make a big difference!

The Kitchen

Keeping a tidy kitchen is no easy feat, but once you’ve cleared the area, we promise you’ll feel great. Since food is always prepared in the kitchen, it’s a good idea to keep it free of bad bacteria. That means no leftover dishes in the sink at night! Wash your dishes at the end of each day to prevent bad bacteria from spreading.  Plus, you’ll feel better in the morning coming out to an empty sink.

Once the sink is clear, wipe the counter down with a good disinfectant spray, soap, or wipe. This shouldn’t take more than a minute, and the end result is sparkling clean counters! Don’t forget to wipe down the sink while you’re at it!

To clear your counters of clutter, stow away any kitchen appliances you don’t use regularly. If a blender and Kitchenaid mixer isn’t in your regular cooking rotation, store them in the cabinets to allow for more counter space.

Summer Scrub-Down

The Bathroom

You may not spend a ton of time in the bathroom, but this is where you should focus! Wiping down your bathroom every day will reduce the frequency you have to deep clean it. For the shower, we recommend a squeegee to keep the walls and tiles looking brand new. Soap scum is no one’s friend! Give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning to squeegee your shower. This will prevent mildew from forming and keep your bathroom looking cleaner than ever.

It may sound simple, but keeping the shower curtain shut after a shower helps prevent mold forming on the wet fabric. When the fabric is bunched up it takes a long time to dry and can take even longer to lean. While you can throw the curtain in the wash, try keeping it shut after a shower to prevent the issue altogether.

Don’t forget to wipe down the sink after you use it! No one likes pesky toothpaste sitting in the sink. Take an extra minute or so to wipe down your counter, too.

The Bedroom

Your mom was right – making your bed each day makes a big difference! Nothing is better than coming home at the end of the day to a freshly made bed. Give yourself a few extra minutes in the morning to straighten the sheets and fluff the pillows. Make sure to wash your sheets once a week to remove dust, debris, and dirt.

After you make the bed, be sure to pick up any clothes you have lying around. Not walking all over your clothes will help them last longer, too! Organize your closet by keeping your current seasonal wear in the front, and store things you aren’t wearing right now toward the back. This will make getting dressed so much easier.

You should now be on your way to a cleaner space! We hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s featured tip. As always, be sure to check out our rental homes in Destin, Pensacola, Alabama, and more. Thank you for being a part of the Southern family, and we’ll see you next time!

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