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Let’s Talk About Evictions

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly on Evictions ~ Southern Residential Leasing No landlord truly enjoys evictions. They're not fun and can damage the relationship between a property owner and a tenant. Although they can become inevitable with some tenants, most landlords will work hard to avoid the process of evictions altogether. Read below for four reasons property managers hate evictions. Evictions Are Costly First and foremost, an eviction me... Read More

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Evicting A Tenant in Florida

Evicting a tenant from your rental property is an unpleasant, if not downright nasty, experience. No one likes to do it, but, should you need to, it's important to take correct actions and to have the law, and your property manager, on your side. Southern Residential Leasing is fortunate that we have to handle very few evictions each year, usually because we are so proactive about screening and checking the references of our tenants. It does ha... Read More

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