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Features Renters Want

"An open floor plan," "granite countertops" and "stainless steel appliance," the words so commonly heard on HGTV. In a world filled with these demands, you may think that these items are the only things potential renters are interested in when shopping for a Northwest Florida long term rental. The truth is, there are some hidden features that might mean more. What are these gems that should be noted? Well, space for one thing, is a HUGE factor f... Read More

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Tending to Your Backyard

Do you own a Northwest Florida income property? If so, you probably understand the difficulty associated with tenant attraction. Often, homeowners focus on the traditional standards of curb appeal and the interior of their home to catch a potential renter’s attention. While important, what happens when a prospective tenant looks out into your backyard and sees green swimming pool, dead leaves and a mountain of gopher holes? According to a rece... Read More

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Renting Out Your Emerald Coast Home

There are many reasons why you may want to rent out your Northwest Florida home. Maybe you have to move or perhaps your motives are purely professional. No matter what your reasoning is, rest assured that property managers have the knowledge and resources to help you meet your rental goals. You may choose to rent your home for financial purposes. One common reason, especially in today’s market, is that you owe more than your home is worth. Wit... Read More

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Fixes for Your Northwest Florida Income Property

Not every Northwest Florida income property you own will be a fixer upper, but all homes occasionally do require some maintenance and repair. Should your tenant not know what to do, you will need to be on your guard and ready to handle those jobs like a pro. The first subject you need to breakdown is who does what. Aside from the basic bulb replacements, there will be things that stem out from the tenant responsibility and fall under the owner c... Read More

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