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The Best Pimento Cheese in Orange Beach

The Best Pimento Cheese in Orange Beach ~ Southern Residential Leasing Is there such a thing as not craving pimento cheese? This is an easy recipe that's pretty hard to get wrong - lots of cheese, pimentos, and a whole lot of flavor. You can find some incredible pimento cheese at your local Publix grocery store, but we've discovered some of the best pimento cheese in Orange Beach at a little place called The Meat Mart. Not only can you get s... Read More

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Counsel’s Corner ~ Estate Planning For Your Rental Property

Counsel's Corner ~ Estate Planning For Your Rental Property ~ Southern Residential Leasing When it comes to estate planning for your rental property, there are a few things to consider. First, proper communication can minimize potential delays for the management company. Keep in mind, upon the death of an owner the management company: Has no way of knowing who the surviving family members/heirs are, or Who is legally authorized to act on... Read More

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Your Home on the Beach Awaits

1712 Ensenada Uno ~ Pensacola Beach, Florida Rental Homes by Southern Have you been dreaming of living on the beach but don't want to commit to beach real estate? Now you can bring that dream to life with one of our newest rental home in Pensacola Beach! 1712 Ensanada Uno is a beautiful duplex found just off of Via De Luna Drive, with incredible Sound views that you're sure to love. Each side has two bedrooms and one bathroom in addition to a la... Read More

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