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Common Questions about Service & Support Animals

Common Questions about Service & Support Animals A “Service Animal” is defined under the American with Disabilities Act “ADA” as dogs, or miniature horses, that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for people with disabilities. Service animals are working animals, not pets. The work or task a dog has been trained to provide must be directly related to the person’s disability. A service animal can be any breed of ... Read More

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Helping Pets Adjust After a Move

Moving can be stressful for everyone in the family - four-legged animals included. For the latter, you can't exactly explain what's going on. Every animal reacts differently to a new home and temperament has a lot to do with it, but there are some ways to help your pets adjust upon moving into your new Destin long term rental... Your best bet is to ask the vet for recommendations on how to ease the transition, but there are a few things our prop... Read More

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