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How to Winterize Your Lawn Pump

Winterize Your Lawn Pump ~ Southern Residential Leasing Calling all tenants - have you prepared your lawn pump for the winter season yet? This basic tenant responsibility only takes a few minutes. In order to ensure that your lawn pump is working optimally for the spring and summer seasons, now is the time to do so. Water expands when it freezes, and if your pump still has water in it when temperatures drop below freezing the pump can become da... Read More

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Counsel’s Corner – Maintaining the Property

Counsel's Corner - Maintaining the Property ~ Southern Residential Leasing Owner’s Duty to Maintain Premises Both Florida and Alabama law imposes duties to real property owners to keep up with maintaining the property in compliance with all applicable building, housing, and health codes to ensure a safe and habitable condition for tenants/occupants.  To avoid potential liability for personal injury to tenants and other invitees on the proper... Read More

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Keep Your Property From Falling Apart

Do you own a long term rental in South Walton? If so, you are probably already aware of the daunting nature that is often associated with home repairs and maintenance. No matter how seasoned you are, there are some hot ticket items that could give you a run for your money at the drop of a pin. From roofs to foundations, windows to water heaters there is a solution and some preventative maintenance tips that could provide just the relief you need... Read More

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Renting Out Your Emerald Coast Home

There are many reasons why you may want to rent out your Northwest Florida home. Maybe you have to move or perhaps your motives are purely professional. No matter what your reasoning is, rest assured that property managers have the knowledge and resources to help you meet your rental goals. You may choose to rent your home for financial purposes. One common reason, especially in today’s market, is that you owe more than your home is worth. Wit... Read More

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Your Year Round Yard Guide

After a winter full of freezes and ice storm on the Gulf Coast, we find ourselves heading into the warmer seasons and sunnier days. That being said, how does our lawn accustom itself to these changing tides? Not to worry, a four-season guide to the perfect lawn does exist! Spring is the season to wake your lawn up. In order to do so, you must start from the ground up, literally. This includes testing the soil. For the greenest growing grass soil... Read More

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