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Vote Southern in Pensacola’s Best of the Bay!

It's that time of year again! The Pensacola News Journal is looking for the best of the best - food, car dealers, realtors - basically all things Pensacola. And while there are tons of great options and categories to choose from, Southern would like to encourage you to vote for us in "Best Real Estate Company," "Best Realtor," "Best Vacation Rental Company," and "Best Property Management Company in Pensacola." Why? Simply because we work hard a... Read More

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Tips for Investing in a Rental Property

Are you thinking about investing in Pensacola real estate? Buying a home is an awesome way to grow wealth and generate a little extra income. The key to being a successful real estate investor is knowing how to do and it how to do it well. Before you take the plunge and write a check, here's some advice from our Northwest Florida property management team: 1. Understand that there are no get rich quick schemes - Rarely do people increase their we... Read More

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New Construction Homes in Alabama

Fairhope, Alabama is a city known for it's rich history. Situated on breathtaking parks and piers along Mobile Bay, the area has earned its reputation as the 'Jewel of the Eastern Shore.' The area's distinct charm is hard to beat. Real estate opportunities are few and far between. And with so many classically constructed homes, very rarely do you find those sought-after, newly constructed opportunities. That is where our Alabama property manager... Read More

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Can You Afford to Rent Out Your Home?

With the Northwest Florida real estate market in recovery, you may be thinking that now is the time to upgrade, and no we do not mean fixtures within your current home. We are talking about trading up to gain space, live in a better neighborhood or even find a home in better condition. However, those with a good deal of equity in their current state may be wondering: Do I have to sell in order to buy? The truth is, real estate is meant to be a l... Read More

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Rentals in Emerald Lakes

Whether you have lived here for years or find yourself new to the area, if you are looking for a rental, or even a home for sale in Destin, you have undoubtedly seen the beautiful options in coveted subdivision of Emerald Lakes. Located near the heart of Destin, this delightful neighborhood is found on the north side of Highway 98, uniquely placed off of the Choctawhatchee Bay. With nearby lakes perfect for fishing, kayaking or paddle boarding a... Read More

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Buying an Investment Property

Before you shake hands and close the deal on your newest investment property, it is important to remember some basic tips. While the Destin real estate market has been steadily improving, you need to think about whether or not you are ready to handle the ups and downs of income property ownership. First and foremost, you need to make sure you can afford another mortgage. Eventually, you will have a renter to help carry the costs, but you need to... Read More

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To Rent or Buy an Investment Property

Are you on the fence about whether to buy or rent your next home? While it is true the state of the Northwest Florida real estate market can effect this decision, often the largest factor that comes into play is your budget. Aside from the common budget calculators that can determine how much you can stretch when you find yourself house hunting, there are a few things you should know regarding how much home you can actually afford. Regardless o... Read More

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Reasons to Rent a Home

It is true that the Northwest Florida real estate market continues to show signs of improvement. Lenders have become less stringent with loans and interests rates remain at all time lows. While both are strong factors to consider when you tackle the rent vs. buy question, there are a few other advantages to renting that might tip the scale. No matter what, it is important to note that this decision depends on each person's individual circumstanc... Read More

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The Importance of Tenant Screening

One of the most common struggles that property managers in Florida face is the ability to find quality tenants. While it is easy to describe the positive traits of an ideal candidate it is not so easy to find that person. So, the question becomes: How do you find a responsible renter? First things first, put aside the list of character traits that you think your home deserves and focus on three core things. This includes the ability to pay rent,... Read More

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Real Estate Affects the Rental Market

For those who follow market trends, you have probably noted the projected price increase in residential and commercial real estate in Destin, South Walton and the surrounding Panhandle areas. The market rebound is great for investors, but what does this mean for rentals and renters? The truth is that the rental market continues to thrive. Studies indicate that the majority of people who lost their homes to foreclosures during the 2008 crisis, ac... Read More

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