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Top Three Benefits of Owning a Rental Property Down South

It’s A Highly Desirable Location The beaches of Northwest Florida (Grayton Beach) ranked sixth on Dr. Beach’s 2016 Top Ten Beaches in America list.  From Gulf Shores to Panama City Beach lie more than 100 miles of beautiful shoreline. Each coastal community boasts Old Florida charm. This draws long-term tenants from around the globe. With the laid-back culture of beach life, you can’t go wrong with buying a rental property in North... Read More

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Rental Tips: Toilet Solutions

Nothing strikes fear into the heart of a renter or rental property owner like toilet trouble. But, there are quick and easy DIY solutions available to some common problems. As a renter there are many problems our maintenance professionals may need to handle but a clogged toilet isn't one of them. Even if you haven't unpacked the plunger yet a clogged toilet doesn't need to ruin your day. Just boil some water! Yes, heat a medium sized pot of wate... Read More

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