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How to Reduce Tenant Turnover

One of the biggest struggles that a Gulf Coast property management company faces is tenant turnover. That said, how great would it be to know exactly why a renter decided to give you their 30 day notice? A study conducted by the Personal Real Estate Investor Magazine found a few common reasons why current tenants decided to move, among these factors includes: expiring leases and relocations. A sad, but very true reality is the fact that most te... Read More

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Finding a Home for You and Your Pet

Finding a place to live is hard enough. Add a pet to the process and it is nearly impossible. We all love our animals. They are members of our families. Unfortunately, the same is not true for landlords and their rental properties. If you have a furry friend, aside from the common “NO PETS ALLOWED,” you have probably run into the complications of breed restriction and space. Finding yourself at a loss, there are some alternative ways to fin... Read More

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Getting the Most for Your Rental Bucks

For most of us, there are three big ticket items when it comes to household budgeting: transportation, food and rent. While the resources for controlling food and mobility may be out of your hands, there are some strategies in finding affordable living spaces. A rising rental market has encouraged landlords to undertake substantial property renovations, and while a brand new apartment with top of the line features is hard to pass up, the general... Read More

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Rid Your Rental of Allergies

Spring is in the air, and most of us cannot wait to officially say goodbye to the winter blues and welcome the arrival of longer days and budding flowers. Still, these seasonal changes are not received as warmly by everyone. For many, they are clouded with congestion, sneezing and itchy eyes. Before you decide to hide indoors, have you considered that your home could actually be making your allergies worse? Fear not, there are some relatively... Read More

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Our New Tenant Handbook

If you have been considering a rental with Southern Residential Leasing or putting your income property on our program, but had a few questions or even concerns about what our policies and procedures could potentially be, good news! You can now view our tenant handbook online. The Southern Tenant Handbook covers all manner of policies and procedures that both you as a tenant or owner will need to be aware of. If you are a renter or potentially w... Read More

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Renter Rights in Florida

Our property management teams in Northwest Florida take care to abide by the laws and strive to keep you informed of any changes that may affect you, our owners, but it’s important that you know the Florida tenant rights, too. Florida’s landlord/tenant law thoroughly protects the renter, as well as you, the landlord ( also, us, your property management company). It’s designed to keep the rental process fair for both parties so it is i... Read More

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