Tax Free Weekend in Florida

fgfAs the summer season comes to an end and the thought of school returns, so does Florida’s sales tax holiday. The tax-free weekend officially started August 1, but not to worry there are still two solid days left to stock up on those items that remind us of fall.

Before you savvy back-to-school shoppers rush to the stores, we have outlined a few key things you ought to know about this 72-hour sale.

First item on the list is clothing. This year, legislators will allow garments and accessories up to $100 each to fall under the tax-free umbrella. Footwear less than $100 per pair is also eligible for tax exemption. As always buy cialis online lowest prices guaranteed school supplies, like pencils and erasers will ring up tax-free in addition to first $750 of a personal computer purchase.

Even though you can find these items in most stores, the tax-free weekend also applies to internet orders even if the items are delivered after the holiday ends. Of course, the same rules above apply.

It is true that legislators shot down the full week of tax-free back-to-school savings, but they have allowed shoppers to maximize discounts. Use retailer promotions and coupons to your advantage during the sales tax holiday.

Time to head out from your Northwest Florida long term rental and start saving!

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