Tenant Rules to Live By

iStock_000018477573Medium-347x231The search for that perfect long term rental in Destin is approached differently by each prospective tenant. There are those who have been renters for years and those who have just decided to spread their wings and enter the market. No matter which stage you find yourself in at the moment, there are a few standard things property that managers will want you to know.

Number one – renter’s insurance is important. Unfortunately, bad things can happen that will fall under the category of “tenant responsibility.” Renter’s insurance is a relatively cheap way to offset the cost that comes with the unexpected.

That said, there will be things that require the help of maintenance. For instance, the air conditioning is out or the refrigerator breaks. Do not wait until the last minute – Friday afternoons – to request repairs. It is within your property managers best interest to keep things maintained, so the best thing to do is communicate early on about little things that have potential to add up.

Our property managers at Southern make it a goal to communicate with tenants. To help with the process, we offer an easy-to-use, one stop shop for communication through your online tenant portal. There, you can submit work orders, access statements and a variety of other documents regarding the status of your rental.

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