Tending to Your Backyard

MH900424364Do you own a Northwest Florida income property? If so, you probably understand the difficulty associated with tenant attraction. Often, homeowners focus on the traditional standards of curb appeal and the interior of their home to catch a potential renter’s attention. While important, what happens when a prospective tenant looks out into your backyard and sees green swimming pool, dead leaves and a mountain of gopher holes?

According to a recent survey conducted by HomeAdvisor, 60% of respondents said backyard grilling was the summer activity they were most excited about. If that’s the case, what better way to attract renters than to create an inviting backyard atmosphere?

If you own real estate in Destin, Florida or the surrounding cialis 20 mg areas there are a few simple solutions that will help add the charm to your backyard that tenants are craving. First, avoid clutter. From flower pots to chairs, it is easy for a yard to become a catchall for everything. A shed will allow current tenants to house their extra items while you show your home to a prospective tenant. Another thing to keep in mind is pool maintenance. Avoid signs of neglect and educate you current tenant about the proper pH levels. You could even consider a professional service to help keep your pool pristine and clean.

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