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Delayna B., Property Owner

"Christine has been a valuable part of my team as I delved for the first time into the world of rental property. She was there providing important feedback throughout my house hunting process. She has found excellent tenants, given me good information on important characteristics of what makes a great rental, and answers back quickly when I reach out to her. Christine is exceptional in everything."

Susie K, Florida Realtor

“When faced with a property that cannot be sold in the current market; we at the Susie Kirkland Team will utilize Southern Residential Leasing to give our clients an additional source of income. Southern makes life easy for us and we are happy to keep our clients under the same roof.”

Michelle, Alabama Realtor

“Any time I have an owner that, for some reason or another, I am unable to sell their home, I ALWAYS refer them to Southern. My clients never have anything but great things to say about the staff. It’s a win every time.”

Daniel D, Property Owner

"Donna is and always has been my "go to" person at Southern Rental. She is a true professional and always follows through on questions and requests. As an absent owner living abroad it is good to know that I always can rely on Donna to take care of my properties. She is a real asset to your company and I wish she was working in my organization."