The Accidental Landlord

While the real estate market has greatly improved, many homeowners may still find it difficult to sell their home due to low equity or even a time crunch, which many of our military homeowners may experience when receiving orders.

So, you can’t sell your home and find yourself as an “accidental landlord”. Now what? Well, you have two options; manage the rental home yourself or call in the pros. Since we are the pros, we would obviously say “Call us!”, but we will go ahead and give you a few reasons why, too. First up, managing a rental is time consuming. You will need to ensure your home is up to rental standards, draw up a lease agreement, find a tenant, screen a tenant and collect a security deposit. And that’s just to get them in the door. Once your property is rented you will need to collect rent, which can be a hassle in and of itself, and maintain the property.

If you live out of town, you will also find that having Southern Residential Leasing locally to watch over your home is well worth our small property management fee. Oh, and let’s not forget the tax nightmare this can become if you aren’t properly accounting for expenses related to the property (which we can also do for you). If this sounds like your worst nightmare, call us today and let us show you how it can become a profitable dream!

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