The Benefits of Being Pet-Friendly

The Benefits of Being Pet-Friendly ~ Southern Residential Leasing

These days, we find that more and moreSmall Dog renters are likely to have pets. This means they’re looking for pet-friendly rentals, and if you aren’t pet-friendly, then you increase your chances of having a vacancy. However, we understand pet policies can be tricky. We’re here to clear the air about the benefits of being pet-friendly. Fortunately, it’s easy to set reasonable pet policies, cover damages, and keep everything within the law. Read on below for more information about how to turn your rental pet-friendly. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about our own pet-friendly terms!

It’s no surprise that having pets in your home can cause additional wear and tear than the kind caused by tenants without pets. An easy way to lessen some of the damage is by limiting the number of pets allowed in the home. Two is a good, standard number to follow, but some homes may even allow three or four depending on the breed and circumstances. Another way to prepare for impending damage is by charging a non-refundable pet fee at the time of move-in. The fee can be in addition to the security deposit.

However, this does not include renters who have service or emotional support animals. There are laws in place that protect tenants with disabilities who use a service animal. Be sure to check with your local laws for more information.

For owners, we’ve added a brand-new guarantee to help ease any worries you may have about allowing pets in your home. With our Pet-Related Damages guarantee, we’ll cover up to $2,000 in pet-related damages that exceed the security deposit.  For damages to be covered, the home must allow no more than 2 pets. Aggressive and restricted breeds will not meet the criteria for the guarantee, and assistance animals and unauthorized pets will be excluded. Visit here to learn more about our new guarantees.

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