The Blue Angels at the Pensacola Beach Airshow

Blue-Angels-diamond-formatiLooking for a new long term rental home in Pensacola? The Blue Angels at the Pensacola Beach Airshow is a great excuse to halt your hunt for the perfect home in Pensacola for one Saturday to check out one of our greatest annual events!

Pensacola is lucky to be the home of the famous Blue Angels. The Blue Angels are officially known as the U.S. Navy Flight Demonstration Squadron and have been putting on air shows that attract hundreds of people for the past seventy years. The team was created on April 24th, 1946 and flew their first show in Jacksonville, Florida on June 15th of that year. They continue to fly strong and put on a good show for the people of Pensacola, as well as many other areas. The Blue Angels have flown over events such as the Super Bowl and made special appearances over areas including Disney’s Magic Kingdom. The Blue Angels are loved and appreciated, and it is always a treat to see them put on a show.

Recently, the Blue Angels suffered a fatal crash while practicing for a show in Tennessee. Captain Jeff Kuss, Blue Angel 6, was performing a part of the practice routine and his plane crashed soon after takeoff. He was practicing a Split-S maneuver, one that is normal for #6 to do, but witnesses say the aircraft impacted the ground at a nearby golf course. The Blue Angels have had many different tributes for Jeff Kuss and his memory lives on.

After recovering from the incident, the Blue Angels recently announced they were back in the sky! The team has started practice once again in Pensacola, Florida and we could not be more excited about it.

Come see just how amazing the Blue Angels are and remember to hit the beach early for parking and a great vantage point. Want to skip the traffic and parking? Consider a Pensacola Beach condo from Southern Vacation Rentals. They currently have recently reduced rates and a great sale going on. Call them today!


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