The GUSU Paddleboard Classic

Do you love to stand-up paddleboard near your long term rental in Destin? If so, we have just the event for you!

Grab your board and get ready to hit the beach because the GUSU PSUP Classic races are less than a month away. We know what you’re thinking, yes the series began earlier this May but the race dates have been set for June, July and September. If you’re experienced, try tackling the 3 or 6 mile races. Not so experienced? Don’t worry – There’s a beginner 1 mile series too!

All who register for the race will not only have a great time, but a portion of each fee will be donated to Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  If you aren’t interested in paddling, you should still stop by. It’s an afternoon full of family fun and kid-friendly activities, including games and demos. We hope to see you all there!

Be sure to check out our Destin events calendar at for more information on what to do throughout your lease.

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