The Importance of Tenant Screening

movingOne of the most common struggles that property managers in Florida face is the ability to find quality tenants. While it is easy to describe the positive traits of an ideal candidate it is not so easy to find that person. So, the question becomes: How do you find a responsible renter?

First things first, put aside the list of character traits that you think your home deserves and focus on three core things. This includes the ability to pay rent, the willingness to care for the property and the capability to avoid creating a disturbance.

You have probably heard that past behavior is indicative of future actions. This holds true in residential leasing as well. A tenant background check can paint a realistic picture of whether or not the applicant will make quality tenant. While it is important to take a variety of factors into consideration, for instance a good first impression and overall responsiveness, a background check should not be ignored under any circumstance.

At Southern Residential Leasing, our property managers are skillfully trained and offer a comprehensive tenant screening process to help ensure quality placement in your property. This includes credit and background checks. If you own real estate in Destin, South Walton, Fort Walton Beach or the surrounding areas, give our manager a call to see what all they can do for your home.

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