This Little Rental Went to Market

One of the most important aspects of a rental property is, well, the tenant. And, you can’t land yourself a great renter if you don’t get your income property out there in front of them, right? Awesome property marketing is a service Southern is proud to offer to all of our owners..

Marketing is more than just listing your home or condo on Craigslist, although we do that for you, as well. Marketing is about getting your rental in front of a myriad of groups who may be looking for a rental or have clients looking for a rental. This is why you will find Southern’s rentals on all of the most popular websites, including Zillow and Trulia, as well as the MLS, a service used by area realtors. Marketing is also about making your home look and sound like the best possible place to live in the area, which is why we take amazing photos and videos or your property, as well as include detailed descriptions on each listings.

Marketing is also about letting tenants know why they should choose Southern. Renters who feel comfortable with their property management company are likely to stick with their property longer, which minimizes your vacancies and maximizes your profits.

Contact our Northwest Florida property management team today to learn more about how Southern Residential Leasing can benefit your rental home.


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