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Are you adapting to a work-from-home lifestyle? If you are, you aren’t alone! In early 2020, it was reported that 4.7 million Americans work from home, with even more making the adjustment today. And, as people all over the world are spending more time indoors, everyone is looking for more ways to pass the time in productive ways. Social distancing is top of mind right now as we all try to stay healthy. But, practicing social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t keep yourself busy! Here are three things to do while social distancing at home that will help your body and your mind stay active.

things to do while social distancing

Try a New Recipe

With many restaurants closed and offering take-out or delivery services, many people are turning to a newfound skill – cooking! Cooking doesn’t have to be complicated – in fact, it can be fairly easy with the right recipes. Don’t forget that practice makes perfect! Try out our recipe for fried green tomatoes with bacon jam. While the bacon jam is an optional added touch, the fried green tomatoes are the main feature and will have you dreaming of summer. If you want something sweet, try out this popular banana bread recipe that’s guaranteed to have you reaching for seconds.


With gyms and fitness centers closed, many people are looking for more ways to stay in shape while also staying home. Fortunately, is an incredible number of free resources dedicated to helping people stay in shape all while practicing social distancing. Popular fitness center Orangetheory is offering free online workouts on their YouTube channel, and Planet Fitness is hosting free at-home workouts each day at 7 PM on their Facebook page. Of course, nothing beats simply getting outside and going for a walk! Spending some time in the sunshine is so important right now; fresh air is good for your mind and body and the sunshine provides lots of vitamin D. Try to get outside for at least 30 minutes a day!

Connect with Friends

Just because you’re practicing social distancing doesn’t mean you have to be literally socially distant – just physically! Now more than ever it’s important to connect with friends and family, especially if you’re feeling isolated. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways you can do that. Weekly or daily video calls with your loved ones will have you feeling like you’re right alongside with everyone else. This is one of our favorite things to do while social distancing! And, if you’re missing your regularly scheduled brunches and happy hours, a great way to remedy that is with virtual brunch or happy hour through video conferencing platform Zoom.

We hope you enjoyed our three things to do while social distancing at home! If you’re looking for a rental home in Pensacola, Florida or even on Alabama’s Coast, our property management team is here to help! Contact us today to get started.

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