Tips for Tenants: Septic Systems

If you currently offer an income property that operates on a septic system, there are a few tips you are going to want to offer to your new tenants before handing over the keys. This will ensure the care of your system and that they don’t receive any nasty surprises.

Septic systems are relatively common here in Northwest Florida but your newest renter may have either always operated on sewer while living in the area. Or, especially if military, may be moving from a part of the country where it is less common. Either way, be sure to instruct them on how to care for your particular system. One big tip is to spread laundry duty throughout the week. Increasing the weater usage highly in one day can strain your system.

Also, use dryer sheets instead of fabric softner and low suds detergents. Also, do not put oils, fats or grease down your drains as it may overload your system and be unable to be broken down. One tip you may not think to give is in regards to antibiotics. Instruct your tenants to dispose of all medicine in the trash. Antibiotics especially may breakdown the needed bacteria in the system and cause a malfunction.

The Northwest Florida property management professionals at Southern Residential Leasing offer years of experience with all types of rental homes. For additional tips on what to tell your tenants, contact them about our services today!


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