Watch for South Walton Sea Turtles!


The beaches near our South Walton rental homes, and all along the Gulf Coast, are popular not only with humans and their offspring, but also sea turtles. And, it’s just about time for everyone to hit the beach.

Sea turtle nesting season kicks off about the same time as our popular beach season. The first nest is usually spotted about the third week in May. Volunteers with local watch organization’s monitor the beaches from May 1 through October 31 to check for tracks of a recently nested female and to mark where these nests are located.

If you are out enjoying the beaches early in the morning and notice signs of a recently laid nest, you are encouraged to call the Florida cheap legitimate cialis Marine Patrol who will then mark the area, but please do not disturb it. Also, if you see a marked nest, feel free to take a look, but do not get too close or touch.

The little hatchlings, as seen here, will begin digging their way out of the nest and making their way to the sea in the evenings and early morning later this summer and fall. If you would like to come out to watch, you are encouraged to do so but please do not interfere, direct or shine lights that may affect their path. These little guys are adorable and important to our area, but also endangered and protected.

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