What to Look For in a Property Manager

What to Look For in a Property Manager ~ Southern Residential Leasing

Interested in leasing your home? There are a few things to consider before you take the leap. While many homeowners believe they can manage the home on their own, sometimes that is not the case. It becomes especially difficult if you live out of town – your tenant may need immediate maintenance and that can be tricky if the two of you are in different time zones. Instead, consider a property manager. A property manager acts as the middleman between you and your tenant, and can smoothly take care of any issues that may arise. Today we’re here to tell you what to look for in a property manager, and why you should consider Southern Residential Leasing for your property management needs.

What to Look For in a Property Manager

Ask the Right Questions

It’s okay to interview a potential property manager. After all, they are interviewing you, too. One very important question to ask is for how long the company has been in business. A company that has a long-standing history with a strong client base is exactly what you are looking for. Southern Residential Leasing has been in business since 1995, as part of the Southern family of companies.

You’ll also want to find out how your property manager will market your property. A company with a strong social presence and an active website will get the job done. At Southern, we employ aggressive, year-round marketing and advertising efforts to increase exposure, with a focus on pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization. Our in-house marketing team has decades of experience marketing long-term rentals. We also employ on and offline advertising campaigns, such as print and television ads. You can also find our properties on 70+ online rental sites, including Realtor.com, Zillow, Trulia, and MLS.

Do Your Research

Find out about their fee structures, maintenance process, tenant placement fees; these little things will pay off in the long run. It’s important to thoroughly research your potential future property manager. Southern strives for a 97% average occupancy rate with regular market analysis to determine the best possible rental rate. Our comprehensive tenant screening includes thorough credit and background checks to assure quality tenants are placed in your home. In addition, our Twelve-Month Tenant Guarantee assures you that, should a tenant default on their lease prior to a 12-month original lease, Southern will place a new tenant in your property at no charge.

When it comes to maintenance, Southern is proud of our trusted long-term relationships and preferred pricing with licensed and insured vendors. Whether a tenant needs a quick fix or a complete overhaul, our experienced technicians are here to protect, maintain, and improve your property’s condition around the clock.

Read the Reviews

This falls under doing your research, too, but reviews matter! While everyone loves a glowing five-star review, the negative ones matter as well. Southern welcomes both positive and negative feedback as an opportunity to consistently improve. Our goal at Southern is to represent the best properties in our areas by exceeding expectations in all areas of our business. Southern invites business partners and clients to leave feedback. See what Daniel D., Property Owner, has to say about his experience with Southern.

“Donna is and always has been my “go to” person at Southern Rental. She is a true professional and always follows through on questions and requests. As an absent owner living abroad it is good to know that I always can rely on Donna to take care of my properties. She is a real asset to your company and I wish she was working in my organization.”

View more Southern Residential Leasing testimonials here.

We hope that you will consider Southern Residential Leasing as your future property managers. To speak with a Southern team member, give us a call at 855.981.7516 today.

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