Your HOA Board

While there are often some negative feelings towards the board members who govern your neighborhood, the truth is, you share a mutually exclusive goal. That is, the desire to protect your home and further your investment.

Before getting angry about some “outrageous rules,” like no overnight street parking, keep in mind all that your board members do.

As elected, their objective is to maintain the value of your community. As an owner in an HOA governed community you have agreed to live within the bylaws set, so before getting angry at “outrageous” terms like no overnight parking, keep in mind the board is just trying to enforce the rules you as homeowners have agreed to.

The board also employs the management company for the community, which can include things as simple as general administration to the more complex common property and facility management in addition to fiscal management.

Let us keep in mind that these board members are not paid. They work solely for the purpose of making positive changes within the community. If you are unhappy with their work, consider attending a meeting or  running for a position.

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