Top 5 Packing and Moving Tips

Top 5 Packing and Moving Tips to Make Relocating Simple

Moving can be a hassle! Because of this we have put together a list of our top 5 packing and moving tips to make relocating simple and stress-free! Looking to relocate to the Gulf Coast? We would love to guide you through finding the perfect long-term rental on the beach! To contact a member of our team click here!

5 Packing and Moving Tips

Send Out Notices

Before moving, make sure to let your friends, family, and utility companies know. You can make this fun and mail out a card with your new address listed somewhere, or make it quick and easy and send a mass email letting everyone know that you are moving. Make sure to call your utility companies and see what they require for the cancellation of their services.

Pack a Moving Essentials Tote

The last thing you will want to do when you get to your new home is sort through all of the boxes looking for the many items you need including a toothbrush, clean clothes, etc. Packing a moving essentials tote will make it so much easier for you to keep track of where all of your necessities are before diving into the unpacking process.

Pack for an Hour a Day

If you wait until the days before you move to pack, you are more likely to be less organized, which can hurt when you start unpacking boxes. Out of all the packing and moving tips we have listed this one will help the most when it comes to making moving stress-free. So, dedicate an hour each day until you move to pack up.

Color Code Boxes for Each Room

Grab some colored paper from the grocery store and tape a piece of paper to each box to help label which room that box belongs in. When you are unloading your moving vehicle, place each box in its designated room.

Repurpose Household Items

Have you ever had a plate or glass break in the middle of a move? One way to prevent that is to use your towels and t-shirts to wrap up kitchenware! You will save money on supplies and pack two things at once!

We hope these packing and moving tips help make relocating a breeze! Click here to check out our available long-term rentals on the Gulf Coast.

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