Check out these kitchens!

Often referred to as the heart of the home, kitchens have morphed into a multipurpose room. Early on, they were more functional and, for safety reasons, needed to be separate from the main living areas. Through the years and especially in the ‘70s, a transformation took place. Kitchens grew, occupying a larger percentage of the living space. Then, the open-plan emerged. This plan developed as cooks resisted being relegated in the kitchen when all the activity was going on elsewhere in the home.

Fast forward to today when the kitchens are often the focal point. Larger, well designed and outfitted, kitchens are now the social hub or epicenter of the home.

In addition to the social aspect, the kitchen’s popularity has increased as our love of food and cooking has grown. This culture is evident by the abundance of foodie and cooking shows on TV. For instance, at almost any time during the day, you can find epicurean shows. It crosses all genders and generations, making it again a social phenomenon.

In the real estate world, one of the priorities is the layout and look of the kitchen. This matters whether you are renting or buying. So, we thought we would highlight a few of our kitchens in our rental homes, but don’t stop with the below. Search more here.

A few examples:

Speaking of being well-outfitted, how about a wine cooler like the one in La Serena condo? Or, the cottage-style open cabinets in the River Road condo? We also have  sleek black at the Loxley home and chef’s kitchens in Sides Moreno and Botany Bayou.

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