Fall Fundamentals ~ The Southern Circular’s Featured DIY

Fall Fundamentals ~ The Southern Circular’s Featured DIY

Spring has sprung, Summer has shined, and Fall is near! We all know what the latter months of the year have in store for Northwest Florida and Coastal Alabama; lots and lots of rain! With the Fall also comes the potential for inclement weather, and it behooves all of us to take appropriate measures to ensure the well-being of our homes. Whether we’re clearing the gutters of leafy debris or inspecting the exterior where masonry meets siding, you can never be too prudent. Read this quick guide to learn some simple measures to keep your home and property in tip-top shape for the upcoming Fall season!

*This is not an exhaustive guide for all repairs or routine maintenance requirements for your home. Additional information regarding maintenance requests, maintenance to be performed by the tenant, and maintenance to be performed by management can be found in the Tenant Handbook. For maintenance requests, please visit the Tenant Portal.

#1 Gutters & Downspouts

The last thing we think about are things we don’t see. Take a walk around the property and take notice of the gutters. If there’s a tree above them or nearby, there’s a good chance there is debris in the gutter channel. Aside from blocking drainage, excessive debris in the gutter can also cause heavy mold build-up, and increase the overall weight the gutter is putting on the structure. Grab a glove and a hand trowel or weeder and ensure water can flow freely.

Ensure you safely remove any debris from the gutters to ensure proper drainage.

#2 Weather Stripping

Approach your exterior doors from both the entrances and exits to visually observe the presence and condition of the molded weather stripping. Ensure they are not dry-rotted, torn, or otherwise not serviceable. Often overlooked, these are critical components to keeping water out, and minimizing electricity and heating costs.

#3 Roofing

Walk the perimeter of your home and inspect for missing or loose shingles/tiles. Heavy winds and rain can swiftly deteriorate the condition of your roof. The last thing you’ll want is to notice a discrepancy in the integrity of your roof while an inclement weather advisory is broadcast.

#4 Exterior Maintenance

Walk around your home and look toward the space where the structure of your home meets the siding, and anywhere cables or piping enter the home. Ensure the caulking and sealant isn’t cracked or in disrepair. As we all know, keeping water out is of critical importance during our Fall inclement weather season in Northwest Florida and Coastal Alabama! Having proper seals around the exterior of your home is a cheap and easy way to keep water out.

#5 Emergency Items

It’s always better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. It’s recommended to keep a few days of non-perishable food and water in reserve in the event inclement weather precludes travel. Some other items include spare batteries, flashlights, a hand-cranked radio to stay informed, and even books for recreation! A more exhaustive list can be found here.

Pickled vegetables make for great reserve items during severe inclement weather!

You should now be on your way to peace of mind for the upcoming Fall season! We hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s featured tip. As always, be sure to check out our rental homes in Destin, Pensacola, Alabama, and more. Thank you for being a part of the Southern family, and we’ll see you next time!

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