Handy Tips: The Beaches!

So, you’ve just moved the beaches of Northwest Florida and are renting a home near the beach. Congratulations! But, if you’ve never lived by the water, there are understandably a few questions you might have.

Living near the Gulf of Mexico is without a doubt the ultimate perk of moving to the panhandle of Florida, but enjoying it does come with a few ground rules. First up, no glass! Make sure your dips and drinks are packed in plastic or cans. Also, leave Fido at home if you live in Okaloosa County. If you live in Walton County, apply for a permit to bring your four-legged family members with you.

The beach can be just as breathtaking at night but remember to carry a flashlight, stay on public property and to watch for animals such as sea turtles that may come onshore to nest. Also, bonfires and camping along the sands of Destin are not permitted. And, of course, always wear sunscreen! Whether it’s July or December, a sunburn is never fun. Enjoy the shores!

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